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At the moment Carmabi manages 9 different natural areas of which Christoffelpark is the largest.

Originally Carmabi Foundation was established to enable scientific research in the marine environment to find ways to increase the profits gained form marine related economic ventures as fisheries and even mariculture. However it became clear that breakthrough scientific research was needed to gain knowledge about the complex relations in marine ecosystems to protect the marine resources against destructive forces, especially after the complexity and preciousness of coral reefs became apparent in the world.

STINAPA (Stichting Nationale Parken) was established in 1962 to deal with both marine and terrestrial conservations issues and was actively involved in the establishment of Christoffelpark and the outlines of the Curacao Marine Park.
In 1996 Carmabi and Stinapa (sister organizations from the very beginning) fused together because of organizatory and financial reasons and became one organization working on researching marine and terrestrial ecosystems, on Curacao and other islands of the Dutch Caribbean, terrestrial and marine nature management and education.

The new Carmabi, Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity, actively pursued the management of several terrestrial areas to protect and enable responsible and sustainable eco-recreational activities.

The areas currently managed by Carmabi are:

  • Christoffelpark including the Jeremi Hills
  • Shete Boka National Park
  • Daaibooi
  • Hato Caves
  • Kabouterbos
  • Curacao Marine Park
  • Seru di Seinpost
  • Caves on the San Pedro plain
  • Hermanus & Jan Kok

Carmabi receives a small subsidy to manage the area of Christoffelpark. All other areas are managed with own funding and with the help of sponsors.
We still actively pursue to include other rich natural areas in our management strategies, to be able to protect and conserve them for coming generations.


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