Caves on the San Pedro Plain

Caves on the San Pedro Plain

Kueba di Yèchi and Kueba di Ratón

Located on the plains of San Pedro, these protected caves are closed of to the public to protect the small and sensitive groups of bat species that live here.

The island is so small that only groups of about 1000-2000 individuals per species can survive with the available food supplies making the species very vulnerable.

Caves on the San Pedro PlainCacti are a so-called Key stone species on Curaçao, which means that they are critical for the ecological well-being of the island. The fruits and flowers they produce in the harsh dry periods are critical for the survival of fruit eating birds and reptiles on the island including the green iguana, the Troupial and many other species.

Recent research by bat and cactus specialist Dr. Sophie Petit from the University of South Australia concluded that nectar-eating bats are the only pollinators of cactus flowers making them critical for the reproductive success of cacti.

Destruction and disturbance in the caves diminish the numbers of the bats (which are known to literally be scared to death by excessive noise and light) and as such the existence of cacti and several other species on the island.

If you are visiting any of the other caves on the island, please take this into account and avoid screaming and running and other noise making activities in the cave and do not run after flying bats with a flashlight.


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