Christoffel Park

Christoffel Park including the Jeremi Hills

Christoffel Park, since 1978, 1860 hectares of wooded hills.

The Christoffel Park opened its doors for the public in 1978. This is the largest and most beautiful park of Curacao. It is a park with a splendid indigenous flora and fauna and also a variety of cultural and historical sites.

Avid nature lovers will want to set apart at least half a day to explore this park. The park is teeming with local birds and plants, including many species you will not easily see anywhere else on the island, for example wild orchids and the palabrua, the rare native barn owl.
The Curaçao White Tailed deer (of which there are only about 250 left) is also an inhabitant of the park.

There are 8 hiking trails, allowing the visitor the choice between an easy stroll, or for instance, a challenging hike to the top of Mt. Christoffel (recommended for early morning, before the sun packs its punch). Scenic car routes take you through underbrush, around hills and across sea swept bluffs. The park also organizes special activities, including deer watching, animal presentations, cave excursions, a guided park tour and occasional full moon walk. There are also mountain biking facilities. ‘Landhuis’ Savonet, on the parks grounds, was one of the first plantation houses to be built on the island.

Christoffelpark also offers much in the way of culture and history. Plantation Savonet is one of the earliest plantations to be set up on the island. The plantation houses of Savonet and Zorgvlied (situated at the mountain side of the park) were built on the island in the eighteenth century. Of Zorgvlied only ruins are left, but Savonet is being restored and turned into a museum. Less than a hundred meters west from the ruins of Zorgvlied, you find the house of the ‘bomba’ and a “slave-pole” (or so the story goes). The bomba, himself typically a slave, was in charge of directing and disciplining the other slaves.

The Jeremi hills, of about 233 hectares is a splendid area with magnificent views from windswept hills, where the rare and indigenous Sabal palm grows. With funding from the Dutch DOEN foundation, CARMABI bought this area in 1999 and added it to the Christoffelpark for its high concentration of rare plant species.

If you want more information about the unique nature in the park, contact us.

Opening Hours: Mondays to Sundays: 6am – 3pm

Fees (starting January 1st, 2017)

Christoffel Park + FREE entrance to Savonet Museum
Adults: Nafl. 25.00 or US$ 14.50
Children 6-12 years: Nafl. 7.50 or US$4.50
Children 0-6 years: Free
Group fee: Nafl. 15.00 / US$ 8.50 (groups must consist of 15 people or more)

Christoffel Park for local people + FREE entrance to Savonet Museum
(valid ID card or drivers license from Curaçao is required)
Adults: Nafl 5.00
Children: 6 – 12 years: Nafl. 5.00
Children: 0 – 5 years: Free
Group fee: Nafl. 5 (groups must consist of 15 people or more)

* Tickets to Christoffel Park sold daily before 11 o’clock.
Prices vary for special activities.

Entrance Savonet Museum only
Adults: Nafl.5.00 or $3 (for both locals and tourists)
Children: Nafl.3.50 or US$ 2 (for both locals and tourists)


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