Curacao Marine Park

Curacao Marine Park

The Curacao Marine Park, known as the Curacao Underwater Park was was established in 1983. It stretches from Breezes Hotel (previously named Princess Beach Hotel) to the eastern tip of the island and includes some of Curacao’s finest reefs. The seaward boundary is the 60-meter depth contour and on the shore side the boundary is high-water mark. The Park covers a total surface area of 600 hectares (1482 acres) of reef and 436 hectares (1077.4 acres) of inner bays.

Curacao Marine ParkExtensive coral reef research by CARMABI indicated that serious reef degeneration was taking place as a result of pollution and coastal development. At the same time, spear fishing and poaching were taking their toll on reef fish populations and black coral respectively. This data demonstrated the need for coral reef management.

In answer to this need, CARMABI proposed establishment of an underwater park in the area in which the park now exists. This was a relatively untouched area valuable from both an aesthetic standpoint and its great biological variation.

The Marine Park is a “paper” park at the moment, not being officially stipulated as such by law. A new marine protection law is in the making at this moment, which will once and for all indicate an official Marine Park for Curacao with the same model as the Bonaire Marine Park.

Carmabi has managed the “paper” marine park since 1983 and still several activities are executed that benefit endeavors awareness for marine protection, marine research and monitoring and protection in itself. However the government is not paying for these endeavors. They are completely supported by donations and sponsoring.

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