Hato Caves

Hato Caves

Hato Caves, Kueba di Raton and Kueba di Yètchi, 3 hectares combined.

Hato CavesThe impressive Hato Caves are being managed as a tourist attraction for CARMABI by a local entrepreneur since 1991. The Hato caves are the largest caves known on Curacao and offer a unique glimpse in the limestone formation and erosion processes going on for thousands of years. Guided tours give you insight in these geological formations and the history surrounding the area.

The “Kueba di Raton” (mouse-cave) and the “Kueba di Yètchi” on the Hato plains, are kept closed and off limits to the public to protect the large number of endemic and ecologically important bats living there.

In Curacao there are at least 8 different species of bats. Some of them eat insects while others eat fruits and one species even catches fish. Each species has its own role and significance in nature

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