Hermanus & Jan Kok

Hermanus & Jan Kok

Flamingos are very popular with everyone, especially tourists who like to photograph these particular pink birds. The birds are visitors from Bonaire and Curacao, where they breed, and sometimes form flocks of more than 500 individuals.

Hermanus & Jan KokThe animals don’t breed on Curacao but use the structures of the former saltpans as a welcome snack bar. There are indications that younger animals escape to our island to avoid the large groups of breeding birds on Bonaire and in Venezuela.

Reserves such as the Hermanus saltpans are increasingly important due to the diminishment of habitat in especially Venezuela and also in other countries in the Caribbean.

The birds tend to get nervous when approached too closely, so a minimum of 100 meters is advised. It is prohibited to enter the reserve with dogs, to avoid disturbance.

Because of the historical value and the sensitivity of the area it is also prohibited to stand on the salt pans or take any part of it with you.


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