Carmabi Terrestrial Consultancy

Carmabi Environmental Consultancy Services

Make use of Carmabi’s knowledge and experience.

The following are part of the services Carmabi Environmental Consultancy Services can provide:

  • Biological inventories and determination of conservation priorities
  • Ecological research (terrestrial and marine)
  • GIS mapping services
  • Development of management plans and reviews
  • Design of informational and educational products on nature (terrestrial and marine)
  • Visitor surveys
  • Geological surveys
  • Reforestation with indigenous plant species

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Carmabi Education Center

The team of the department Nature and Environment Education is continuously working on producing, organizing and executing school programs with regards to Nature and Environment. The programs are created to provide education on these subjects both in the field as in the classroom. Besides that, Carmabi Education develops programs to educate the inhabitants of Curacao on these important matters.

Carmabi Education offers:

  • Programs in the field
  • Programs in the classroom
  • Provide education materials for schools
  • make information accessible for everyone that is interested
  • Produce Nature Documentaries
  • Produce media programs
  • Organise classes and workshops
  • Provide information on Nature and Environment in general

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Carmabi Park Management

The Carmabi foundation is responsible for managing the national parks on Curacao, including the two largest and most visited Parks: Christoffel National Park and Shete Boka National Park.

Christoffelpark is the largest national park of Curacao and a must see for everyone. The park has a rich variety of local flora and fauna. Nature lovers will find the park teeming with local birds and plants, including species, which are not easily seen elsewhere on the island.

The Shete Boka National Park is an area adjoining the Christoffelpark covering more than 10 kilometers of the rocky wave-exposed north coast of the island with many ‘boka’s’ where 3 species of sea turtles are known to lay eggs. The most well-known and favorite inlets for visitors are Boka Tabla, Boka Pistol and the Natural Bridge.

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Carmabi Marine Research Station

To facilitate ecological research CARMABI, originally short for the Caribbean Marine Biological Institute was founded in 1955 and has remained the largest field station in the Caribbean. The field station still sits at its original, picturesque location at the opening of the Piscaderabay and reefs are found right in front of it. The number of visiting scientists has been increasing in recent years, which prompted the construction of a new water-side building with lab facilities and dormitories for up to 30 people. Researchers or students that want to study Caribbean coral reefs, terrestrial systems or geology can now use these facilities for their science projects. The institute is currently visited by approx. 250 scientists a year for research purposes and by various universities for courses related to coral reef ecology.

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