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Gis Mapping Services

Contact person: Drs. John de Freitas MBA

Carmabi has conducted GIS-based vegetation mapping on all the islands of the Dutch Antilles. The methods used are landscape-based mapping methods combining the use of high-resolution aerial photographs with field sampling based on quadrants. Mapping projects are based on GIS base maps which have been produced by Carmabi for several islands, including the Saba Bank.

Recent Examples of Vegetation Mapping Studies

  • Freitas, J. A. de, B. S. J. Nijhof, A. C. Rojer and A. O. Debrot. 2005. Landscape ecological vegetation map of the island of Bonaire (Southern Caribbean). Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Amsterdam. 64 pp.(+ maps).
  • Beers, C. E., J. de Freitas and P. Ketner, 1997. Landscape ecological vegetation map of the island of CuraƧao, Netherlands Antilles. Publication Foundation for Scientific Research in the Caribbean Region: 138. 54 pp.

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