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Development of management plans and reviews

Contact person: Drs. John de Freitas MBA

With more than 40 years of applied park management experience, including internationally recognized management successes (such as the initial design and set-up of the Bonaire Marine Park), the organization is often contracted to design management plans or conduct management reviews on diverse topics.

Recent Examples of Park Management Plans

  • Winkel, F. and A. O. Debrot. 2005. Natuur- en cultuurhistorische inventarisatie en richtlijnen ten behoeve van de inrichting en het beheer van het natuurgebied Watamula, West Punt. Carmabi Report, 37 pp.
  • Debrot, A. O. and L. P. J. J. Pors. 2001. Beheers- en inrichtingsplan conserveringsgebied Jan Thiel. Carmabi Reports, 2001, No. 2. 24 pp + app.
  • Debrot, A. O., A. Rojer and L. P. J. J. Pors. 2001. Ecologische ommekeer op basis van vegetatieherstel: Plantages PortoMari. Carmabi Reports, 2001, No. 1. 39 pp + app. 
  • Debrot, A. O. 1999. A conservation assessment of an open connection between the saliña of Rif-St. Marie and the sea. Carmabi Reports 1999, 12 pp + app.
  • Nagelkerken, I. 1999. Concept-zoneringsplan Spaanse Water. Carmabi Report 1999. 9 pp + 14 app. 
  • Debrot, A. O., M. L. Braad and D. R. van Harten. 1998. Uitgangspunten voor het beheer van conserveringsgebied Midden-Seinpost Roi Santu, Curaçao. Carmabi Report 1998. 19 pp + 10 app. 
  • Freitas, J. A., de 1998. The Christoffel National Park Questionnaire: A survey done among visitors (tourists and locals) in July and August 1996. Carmabi Report 1998. 29 pp + app. 
  • CARMABI/EcoVision. 1997. Sint Maarten Marine Park Boundaries & Zones. Carmabi Report 1997.
  • CARMABI/CURCONSULT. 1997. Nationaal Park Oostpunt Curaçao, Nederlandse Antillen inrichtings- en beheersplan. Carmabi Report 1997. 33 pp + append.

Recent Examples of Management Reviews

  • Freitas, J. A. de. 2007. Beheerskader voor duurzame exploitatie en beheer van het conserveringsgebied Daaibooi. Carmabi Report. 11 pp.
  • Debrot, A. O., N. Esteban, R. Le Scao, A. Caballero, and P. C. Hoetjes. 2005. New sea turtle nesting records for the Netherlands Antilles provide impetus to conservation action. Car. J. Sci. 41: 334-339.
  • Debrot, A. O., S. R. Criens 2005. Reef fish stock collapse documented in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles, based on a preliminary comparison of recreational spear fishing catches half a century apart. 32nd AMLC (Abstracts)
  • Sybesma, J. and A. O. Debrot. 2002. Speervisverbod en strafmeting; hoe komt de rechter tot zijn motivering? Spes Victoriae 3(3):5-10.
  • Debrot, A. O. and I. Nagelkerken. 2000. User perceptions on resource state and management options in Curaçao. Rev. Biol. Trop. 48 Supl. I: 95-106.
  • Debrot, A. O. and J. Sybesma. 2000. The Dutch Antilles, Chapter 38. In C.R.C. sheppard (ed.), Seas at the Millennium: an Environmental Evaluation, Vol. I Regional Chapters: Europe, The Americas and West Africa, 595-614. Elsevier, Amsterdam.
  • Steegstra, J. 2000. De Nederlandse Antillen en haar zeegrenzen: de gevolgen van staatkundige versnippering voor de maritieme grenzen van de eilanden. University of the Netherlands Antilles, 31 pp + app.
  • Freitas, J. A. de, 1999. The perspectives for the development of science tourism and ecotourism to Curaçao (Netherlands Antilles): the case of a nature research and management organization. MBA thesis, Brunel University, UK, 127 pp.
  • Brink, T. van den, and J. A. de Freitas. 1998. Forestry policies in the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. Carmabi/EcoVision Report 1999. 113 pp.
  • Debrot, A. O. 1998. The corporate sector as a potential source of sponsoring for nature in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles.Pp. 54-59, in VOMIL (Dept. Volksgezondheid en Milieuhygiëne) Eindverslag van het Natuurplatform. Natuur Platform 1998, voor de Nederlandse Antillen en Aruba, St. Eustatius, 4-6 mei 1998 (Abstract).
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