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Visitor & User Surveys

Contact person: Drs. John de Freitas MBA

Through visitor and user surveys you can improve your management effectiveness.

Examples of visitor surveys designed by Carmabi

  • Debrot, A.O. & I. Nagelkerken. 2000. User perceptions on coastal resource state and management options in CuraƧao. Rev. Biol. Trop. 48 Supl. I: 95-106.
  • Freitas, J.A. de . 1996. The Christoffel National Park Questionnaire: A survey done among visitors (tourists and locals) in July and August 1996.  Carmabi & Henley The Management College. 29 pp. + app.
  • Steenberg, H.J. 2009. Taking on the Eco-Tourism Challenge: Possible improvements to the National Park Shete Boka Product Offerings. Bsc Thesis UNA. 106 pp.
  • Margarita, I. 2009. Duurzaam toerisme, een brug van ontwikkeling:  Een haalbaarheidsonderzoek naar duurzame exploitatie van het natuurgebied Daaibooi. Bsc Thesis UNA.

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