Training for our park rangers
Collaboration with the coastguard
22 February, 2022 by
Training for our park rangers
Lina Nijman


Our park rangers are always standby while visitors are climbing the mountain in case someone isn't able to walk down on their own. When this happens, we work closely together with the Coastguard. If someone needs help to get off the mountain, they come to the rescue with their Coastguard helicopter.

This is a complicated rescue that needs to go as smooth as possible. Therefor, our park rangers joined a simulation training where they learned how to transport a stretcher into the helicopter. During the training they got instructions how to support the rescue team. Also they got to know the rescue team under different circumstances.

The rescue team and the park rangers will continue to train together to continue the collaboration. We would like to thank the support of the Coastguard to our visitors when needed.

Training for our park rangers
Lina Nijman 22 February, 2022
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