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Last update: 11/01/2019


The movie 'Birds of Curacao' is a beautiful movie about the rich birdlife, specifically the water birds of the Caribbean island Curacao. Whether you are an enthusiastic bird spotter, tourist, nature lover, mountainbiker or just like to get to know the bird names that go with their sounds in your garden; this movie is worth watching. The movie is in English with Papiamentu subtitles.

The position of Curacao in the Caribbean makes our bird world very interesting. There are sea birds (frigate birds, terns, seagulls), but also birds that can travel long distances and settled on almost all the islands (herons, mocking bird, troupial and fly catchers) Because we are close to the coast of South America, we also have typical land birds (quails, white tailed hawks and bare-eyed pigeons). Besides the birds named before, we also have the typical colorful 'tropical/ Caribbean' birds such as the hummingbird, parrots and parakeets. Also birds who travel on the large routes from North to South America are regular visitors of the island.

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