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CARMABI foundation (in that time still Stinapa) started its first Environmental Education programs for school going children in 1985 with the financial support of the local government. In the 1990’s de program grew and expanded into a full value educational program for schools under the name of nature and environmental education. As of 1997-1998 the program is incorporated into the yearly budget of the government of Curaçao.

Now we are also working with other target groups besides the school going children. The 21st century with all its new techniques makes it possible to work trough different kinds of media to accomplish our goals. Not only radio and television, but the internet is now also an important tool to reach our target groups.

Goal environmental education
With the educational program CARMABI wants to give students the knowledge about the local natural resources, raising awareness about their value and the need to protect and manage its responsibly. To learn how they can help to promote a sustainable development in relation to human beings, nature and environment.

Target Groups

-    School going children in the age of 4 to 18 years (10 programs)
-    Teachers
-    Parents
-    Adults
-    Youth in general

Other endeavours

To help teachers prepare their lessons, and children to make projects and talks the Educational Department prepared several infosheets with specific themes relevant for the island wich provide information and pictures.
Besides we have all kinds of video’s/DVD’s and other visual materials to support Education.

Of course we also organize themed hikes/ tours for those interested in all the natural areas CARMABI manages.

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