The Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity foundation (since 1955)

What we do

Welcome to the Carmabi Foundation. We are all about nature! We started out as a Marine Research Institute in 1955 and have since then broadly extended our activities on the island of Curaçao. Currently we actively manage five national parks:,  

  • The Christoffel National Park; the largest national park of the island.
  • Shete Boka National Park; an important Sea Turtle nesting area. 
  • The Curacao Rif Mangrove Park;  a special city park that consists of Mangrove trees. 
  • The Curacao Marine Park; protecting the reef and conduct scientific marine research to make a difference in restoring our coral reef.
  • Seru Largu National Park; our newest National Park that is currently being developed. 

Besides managing national parks and conduct marine research, our team is also expanding their educational activities and we are conducting terrestrial research on our island and - of course - in our national parks, to better understand our important nature. 

We believe it is crucial to share our findings with visitors of the island and with the people of Curaçao. Through our educational programs and activities we strive to engage the local youth with nature and all of its beauty. 


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