Advice & Consultancy department

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Biological Inventories and ecological research

Biological and ecological research forms the backbone of CARMABI's Advice and Consultancy department. Following years of experience as part of CARMABI's research station, the department has extensive experience and knowledge on both the marine and terrestrial habitats and species of Curaçao, the Dutch Caribbean and the Caribbean region. All research is conducted following the latest research protocols and international standards.

Biological inventories are conducted to identify the state of nature and the presence of species. Examples of biological and ecological research as part of the services provided are: 

  • Landscape-ecological and vegetation mapping research

  • Protected and rare species inventories

  • Coral reef and fish surveys

  • Mangrove health surveys

  • Curaçao white-tailed deer presence and distribution

  • Avifauna distribution

  • Bats presence

  • Introduced species management and research


An important aspect of our consultancy services is to provide clear transfer of information to our clients. The CARMABI Geographic information systems (GIS) services greatly contribute towards this goal, providing high quality spatial information as map products. Both the collection and mapping of spatial information, by use of our in-house build (smartphone) applications, and the scanning and digitizing of historic maps are part of the GIS services offered.

CARMABI's expending GIS library consists of the following products for the Dutch Caribbean:

  • Cadastral maps

  • Aerial and satellite imagery

  • Historic maps (e.g. Werbata maps)

  • Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), Contiguous zone and Territorial water boundary maps

  • Zoning and urban planning maps (e.g. Eilandelijk Ontwikkelingsplan Curaçao - EOP)

  • Landscape-ecological vegetation maps

  • Geological maps

  • Soil maps

  • Protected area maps (National Parks, Ramsar areas)

  • Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and Hillshade maps and other derivatives (e.g. watersheds, contours)

  • Bathymetric maps

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Native plant Nursery

At Savonet, in the Christoffelpark, we run a native plant nursery with over 80 different native plant species; many of the more rare and endemic species are found in the greenhouse, all successfully germinated from locally collected seeds.

The nursery is an ideal tool to study the native flora in detail and through research identify optimal germination conditions. The plants are being used to restore and strengthen nature on different locations, in and outside the national parks to protect the local flora and fauna. 

The native plants are also for sale for use in your garden. By using native plants you have a piece of the beautiful nature of Curaçao in your garden which will attract different animal species (for instance birds) and so help safeguarding our nature.

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