School education programs

All schools on Curacao can join the educational programs for elementary schools (Funderend Onderwijs). Each school will be contacted every school year for this excursion. On request we have the program 'environmental challenges' for Secondary Education.


Terrestrial Education Program  

 Our goal is that every child elementary school visit one of our national parks (Savonet, Christoffelpark, Shete Boka) or Daaibooi beach each year and learn about our local nature and get aware of our environment. 

visit the teaching material for in the classroom!


groep 1 & 2: nos mondi - nos turtuganan   -   groep 3: nos rèptilnan   -   groep 4: nos paranan    -     groep 5: nos palunan     -     groep 6: mira kiko hende ta hasi ku naturalesa    -    groep 7: solo ta kima mi    -     groep 8: un isla ta hòpi speshal!

Contact Retty Schoop: +599 9 5128137 /

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

marine education program

 Our goal is that every child group 6 and group 8 elementary school visit our location at Piscadera (the marine research center) and learn about our local nature and get aware of our environment. As part of the educational program the school children visit our Marine Education Center.

groep 6: Turtles & plastic  /  groep 8: Corals & Sharks 

Download  'het koraalrif van Curacao'   of    'e ref di koral di Korsou'


contact Ruthsella Statius: +599 9 5248511 /

Interested in marine education in the class room? Take a look at our Coral Heroes program for in the class room!

'microworld' in the classroom

The educational department of Carmabi can visit the elementary school with our microscopes.

Contact Retty Schoop: +599 9 5128137 /

The program can be adjusted to the agegroup. The students learn to use the microscope and get to know our micro-world.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

environmental challenges

During a part of the day a number of local environmental challenges are discussed at school or at our location Piscadera. 

What do we do with our sewage water? What is the danger of exotic species? After watching videos, the students brainstorm in groups on possible solutions.

Geschikt voor onder- & bovenbouw en vsbo/ havo/ vwo.  Voertaal Nederlands en/ of Papiamentu.

contact Cor Hameete: